Mrs Sydney’s famous World’s Smallest Library

I have always adored reading and sharing books, firstly with my own children and then with those I have taught. The ‘World’s Smallest Library’ was something I started to try to share my love of reading and the books I have enjoyed with more people: mostly children but also other adults. Although I read many books at home, there are only so many I can read aloud to my class so the library provides a home to those which might otherwise just sit and gather dust. As I review the books I read, I add them to the library and share these high quality books with those who might also enjoy them – both children and staff. I’m sometimes asked to share my recommendations by parents and this is an aide memoire for my thoughts.

A rainbow of books to explore…

Why children’s books?

I’ve always preferred a well-written children’s book to a poorly-written adults’ one. There are many who believe we are in a ‘golden age’ of children’s literature and while I enjoy reading, I also delight in talking about books with like-minded people.

There is no specific order to the books I write about here, other than adding my thoughts as I complete them. Sometimes the book is one that is newly published and a ‘hot topic’, while on other occasions the book is one new to me, but nobody else.

Having stuck to fiction books aimed at upper KS2 when I started blogging, I have now started reading more non fiction and books aimed at younger readers too both to further my own reading experience and to cater for those children in my class for whom these are a better choice.

A new addition to my little library: a trolley to hold some of the books that I can’t fit on my classroom shelf.

Currently reading:

The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy by Richard Pickard

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All opinions are my own.

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